Educated from Bishop Cotton Boys' School in Bangalore, followed by a Bachelor's of Commerce (Professional) from Christ University, Bangalore to finally pursuing my charter in management accounting from CIMA (UK) and the CGMA (Chartered Global Management Account) from the AICPA (US) and CIMA (UK) My Work.

By God's grace secured several academic laurels including gold medal for excellence in ISC Commerce from Bishop Cotton Boys' School, distinction and gold medal from Christ University for my Bachelors degree and all India topper for CIMA T4 (CIMA final exam) in March 2013.

An avid quizzer with a strong passion for marketing. Won several awards in various fests. Organised (main organiser) for the first National fest in my department in the year 2010. Sporadic swimmer - no awards here ;)



Currently working at Goldman Sachs in the capacity of Vice President of SPS Operations. Joined the firm in 2011 from College and was promoted to VP in 2017. Was selected amongst the top few in the department to travel to london on the Mobility exchange program. Currently involved in several automation and process re-engeneering initiatives in my capacity as a Business Intelligence (BI) specialist. Have acquired knowledge of several tools including Alteryx, Tableau & RPA and automated close to 40 hours of work

My #work outside work includes several projects completed as a part of my personal firm IzTech Solutions including 2 ecommerce websites, 1 full fledged MIS application and several database applications for various organisations. Most recent project included an HR Portal and a fully integrated (with Office 365) Calendar mobile and web application. My special focus has been on the stack SQL Server, IIS & PHP (ofcourse HTML, JS & CSS need no mention) but am happy to experiment new languages and techniques always

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Well much about my work and background is already said but here is a little about me personally - I am married and blessed with a lovely child. I am passionate about coding and not a day goes by when i don't code something or fix something or learn something new. I am easily motivated by the simple things in life. Like most I love exploring the natural wonders of nature and most importantly I am a religious God fearing man. My favourite quote that i try and live my life by

And this gray spirit yearning in desire To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought - Ulysses